Who We Are

Founded in November of 2012, GAR is Savannah’s only solution to recycling construction & demolition waste. Big deal, right? Yes, because we do it at the same cost as the landfill. Why? The answer's simple: we don't believe in burying everything. And besides, who likes going to the landfill? Nobody. C'mon, that place is disgusting. 


Our Services 

Green Acres currently offers all-inclusive haul services that are cost competitive.  Under this scenario, we take care of the bidding headaches and ensure sharp rates by bidding your jobs to our affiliated haulers (currently 11 in total).  No change is made to the typical process - contractors still toss everything into one can. Then, instead of going to the landfill it comes to our facility where we rescue materials on a state of the art sort system.  We generally recycle up to 60-80% by weight of all waste we collect and can offer full LEED certification on request.  For designated recycling projects, contractors no longer need to drop multiple cans and hire a manager to police separation of materials on site. It's all about streamlining the process and cutting cost. 

One of our established clients even mentioned saving up to $25,000 on his annual landfill disposal costs all the while taking advantage of marketing being a green company.   

Now Ask Yourself...Why landfill when you can recycle for the same price or less?

Did you know recycling construction waste can help decrease the extraction of primary minerals and conserve natural resources?